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academic work - 530 n. water st.

water street view
block corridor conceptual rendering
commercial district context
massing axonometric views
basement - 3rd floor plans
4th floor - 7th floor plans
8th floor - 9th floor plans
transverse + longitudinal sections
elevations - solar studies
first floor - expansion plan
conceptual massing

Historic East Side Commercial District  Milwaukee, WI - In association with Diane Reynolds


-Nine story new development - commercial / office / residential / high-end residential


-Historic Preservation attributes:

     /southern glass curtain-wall façade capable of being disassembled to allow for expansion

          into southern historic structures

     /northern façade and over-hanging glass form disallow any new development to occupy

          northern historic structure should it be demolished

     /street façade sympathetic to historic fabric through an appreciative scale, window

          alignments, and setback of higher levels

     /simple forms and aesthetic are unique to the Historic District and do not impose a falsified

          "historic" motif

     /southern curtain-wall façade extends below adjacent historic buildings to allow for views

          of historic brickwork and allows for natural light penetration inside circulation core


-Building acts as a public circulation corridor between Water Street and backside of block through a public café with massive operable doors


-Building is part of a Historic East Side Commercial District Master Plan proposal

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