academic work - recycling playset

The ARTery - Milwaukee, WI


-A recycling center complex devoted to creative play prioritizing interpersonal social interaction over current trends of digital communication


-Recycling center produces life-sized LEGO® Bricks for general public.  This encourages public interaction and play, but also is a social program designed to disengage people from technology and interact on a more personal level through communal play


-Project proposes initial harvesting of plastic materials from oceans and then relying upon the surrounding neighborhoods and "recycling donations" to generate playset pieces


-Secondary pavilions placed along The ARTery with other programmatic features such as an eatery, fire pits, hydrologic

features, a community center, and parkour parks


-Proposal also incorporates seasonal festivals and events that celebrate the structure of traditional small-scale LEGO® play


-Process of design involved two phases of testing and sampling, shown in video, and helped in the selection process

of pieces and programmatic elements for the project.  Participants were filmed with permission and are credited