freelance work - portfolio 01-07

Personal Architecture Portfolio, Container, + Business Cards

Versions 01 - 07 -- John Taylor Gorski


Version 07 Portfolio


-Designed around the proportions of standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.  Oriented the same as how I work in my sketchbooks.


-Leave-behind cards with simple representations of projects for prospective employers to retain, with resume on other side.


Version 07 Container


-Developed over the course of one year.  Final version modeled after simplicity of clapboard without need for unsightly adhesives.


Version 07 Business Cards


-Because of the 1/16th inch plexiglass used, the same dimensions as a standard credit card were used for easy carry in a wallet or purse.  Rounded to prevent accidental snagging or stabbing by sharp plexiglass corners.