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carpentry work - ball bin fence - clc

Ball Bin + Fence + Birdhouses
Ball Bin + Fence + Birdhouses
Ball Bin + Fence + Birdhouses
Ball Bin + Fence + Birdhouses
Ball Bin

Ball Bin Fence, Winter Playground - UW-Milwaukee: Children's Learning Center


-Initial storage structure crafted in conjunction with Adam Person.


The need for additional storage and playground subdivision was realized via this solution.  The ball bin was created to allow for young children to easily fetch the balls from the bin but also keep a sizable volume of balls captive.  The fencing was used to help delineate separate play areas but also to prevent children from riding bicycles through the wood chips and into the sandbox areas.

Birdhouses were added to allow for children to observe nesting birds from inside the adjacent classroom.  School-age children helped to decorate and paint the birdhouses prior to final installation.

The project time was about 6-7 weeks in total to allow for proper setting of the concrete foundations and coordination with closings of the playground due to power tool usage and material acquisition.  The project was completed in Summer of 2015.

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