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carpentry work - signage - clc

Interior Wayfinding Signage
Interior Signage - Spring Wing
Interior Signage - Ant Hill Play Yard
Interior Signage - Wayfinding
Interior Signage - Garden Play Yard
Interior Signage - Summer Wing
Interior Signage - Autumn Wing
Interior Signage - Administration Offices
Interior Signage - Wayfinding
Interior Signage - Winter Wing
Interior Signage - North Play Yard
Exterior Signage - The Café
Exterior Signage - The Café
Exterior Signage - Mud Kitchen / Construction Zone
Exterior Signage - Mud Kitchen / Construction Zone

Interior Signage - UW-Milwaukee: Children's Learning Center


-Signage graphics developed in collaboration with Michael DiMilo, graphic designer.

The interior wayfinding signs were developed in response to a need for directing parents to locate and pick up their children without getting lost.  The UW-Milwaukee: Children's Learning Center was moved into the former St. Mary's Hospital Complex and sprawled over a series of corridors and different levels within the existing building.  The need for wayfinding signage was proposed and executed.

The signs are made up of a graphical layer, developed by Michael DiMilo, sandwiched between the front layer of acrylic and a wood backing.  The acrylic layers are etched with UW-M style black arrows, etched white wing names, and etched white wing logos.  The signs are held off the wall surfaces with aluminum stand-offs. Final completion was Autumn, 2015.

Exterior Signage - UW-Milwaukee: Children's Learning Center


The exterior signage installed was to delineate separate areas of play for the children on the Garden Play Yard.  The boards that make up the signage are made out of a structure belonging to the former CLC which had to be dismantled due to its age and disrepair. Final installation and completion was in Autumn of 2015

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