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academic work - hip-hop museum

first floor
second floor
section drawings
exterior perspective
final model
final model
final model
final model
final model
model - "king of rock" - run dmc
plan view - "king of rock" - run dmc
model - "the breaks" - kurtis blow
model - "jam on it" - newcleus

Brooklyn, New York


-Building form is derived from a multitude of sampled and borrowed objects and their respective properties to emulate the sampling qualities of hip-hop—the preliminary design process began with a small 3”x5” found-object diagrammatic model of Run DMC’s song: King of Rock


-Building is constructed underneath the Brooklyn Bridge with the bridge’s caisson penetrating downward into the site


-Programmatic elements include a tri-leveled centrally-focused performance hall tower, gallery spaces, a traditional theatre, a library, classrooms, offices, retail space, archival spaces, and other support elements


-Northern wing of building possesses an expressive glass and steel sculptural form that not only adds character, but polychromatic lighting, kinetic signage, and an outdoor theatre space

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