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thesis work - "Our Daily Bread - Challenging Convention from Grain to Faith"

Elevator E Reborn
Elevator E Aglow
Transforming to Worship
The Communal Hall - Buoyant
The Communal Hall - Somber
Thesis Schematic Diagram
Final Model + Base
Rehabilitation Program Elements
Hybrid Section/Elevation
Site/Master Plan
Typical EIFS Envelope Detail
Embodied Energy Analysis Model
Embodied Energy Analysis
Conceptual Massing Model
Elevator E Post-1916
Elevator E Pre-1930
Elevator E Post-1930
Construction Timeline Elevation
Areas of Greek Settlement Milwaukee
Elevator E - As Builts
Elevator E - The Rehabilitation
The Worship Space
The Worship Space Pew
Elevator E Aerial View - 1980's
A Memoir to Elevator E

"Our Daily Bread"

PreThesis Booklet

Elevator E As-Buits

/ Rehabilitation Set

May 2016 - Menomonee Valley - Milwaukee, WI


-Adaptive Reuse/Rehabilitation - Former Cargill Grain Complex - Elevator E

-Program - Greek Orthodox Monastery

Through this thesis project, the Menomonee Valley grain elevator, Elevator E, underwent a metamorphosis from an industrial-age relic into a Greek Orthodox Monastery.  In addition, supplemental spaces were transformed into a soup kitchen with urban agriculture, housing, and a communal hall.

The challenge of the project was how to rehabilitate Elevator E for an antithetical programmatic use and how to advance it into the relevance of the 21st century through sustainable practices and appropriate modifications.

Areas of study were an embodied energy analysis of the facility, its value as a heritage icon in Milwaukee, and how thoughtful interventions were envisioned to help retain Elevator E as an alternative to demolition.

NOTE: This project is a graduate level thesis that was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of: Master of Architecture (M.Arch) with concentrations in: Ecological Design & Preservation Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: School of Architecture and Urban Planning, May 2016.

Thesis Chair: James Shields, FAIA | PreThesis Advisor + Committee Member: D. Michael Utzinger

Additional Committee Members: Robert Greenstreet, Ph.D., RIBA | Matthew Jarosz, AIA, NTHP | James Wasley, AIA, LEED-AP

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