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carpentry work - living wall 00 - prototype

Living Wall 00 - Version 01
Living Wall 00 - Retrofit Process
Living Wall 00 - Version 02 Plants
Living Wall 00 - Version 02
Living Wall 00 - Version 02
Living Wall 00 - Version 02
Living Wall 00 - Version 02
Living Wall 00 - Version 02

UW-Milwaukee: SARUP Living Wall

V_2.0 -- Managed by Renee Frederick + John Taylor Gorski

V_1.0 -- Managed by NJ Unaka


UW-Milwaukee: School of Architecture + Urban Planning

UW-Milwaukee: Office of Sustainability

UW-Milwaukee: Conservation Club


The first iteration of the living wall was crafted in part by a summertime program for high school children to get together and make something exciting and engaging.  Although the wall had created quite the name for itself upon completion it fell into disrepair and, without proper maintenance, most if not all of the plants were dying.  The water delivery system was flawed and little was done in regards of upkeep and care.

An effort was made to try and revitalize the project by removing the dirt based plant system and creating a uniquely water based system.  Specialized plants were selected and the wall was partially disassembled and repainted to help distinguish it from the old iteration.  The water delivery system was corrected to substantially greater success.  Plants were kept in reclaimed wine bottles and were watered from a timer system.

After a few years of service the UW-Milwaukee: School of Architecture and Urban Planning, where the living wall was kept, had the wall dismantled and the surviving plants were divided up among those who wanted them.

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