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carpentry work - ant hill fence - clc

Completed Fence
Completed Fence
Completed Fence
Completed Fence - Back Side
Window Well Covered in Temporary Safety Fencing
Window Well Before Installation

Ant Hill Fence, Spring Playground - UW-Milwaukee: Children's Learning Center


The existing steel window well guardrail was deemed a safety hazard for young children and needed to be addressed.  The primary concern was to prevent infants and toddlers from climbing on the existing steel latticework. Removing the frame would have been too expensive and would also open up the possibility of exposed glazing into a level below the play area.


The concept was to clad the framework in a composite wood decking material, vertically orientated.  Doing this would cover up the latticework and provide no suitable steps for the young children to climb on.  Exposed hardware would be minimal and not protrude into the play area.

The vertical boards were individually measured and cut to size.  The boards were installed via carriage bolts and fastened to the framework with treated and stained wood members that clamped on to the framework for a minimally invasive solution.  The project was completed in the Spring of 2016 and lasted a few weeks due to coordination of closures with the play yard and use of power tools in a play-area setting..

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