freelance work - music box

Conceptual Design Commission - Sound Ensemble Wisconsin

Managed by John Klett - VP/Principal - Zimmerman Architectural Studios


-Conceived as a series of spaces for occupants to wander and interact with structure, light, and sound--laser tripwire activated.


-Modular in design for maximum customization and distribution.


-Form derived from conch shell and the notion of hearing sound without knowing its origin.  Collaborative form of multiple modules (the forest of structure) envisioned through underwater kelp forests.


-Easily transportable and designed around proportions of standard commercial pallet with prefabrication in mind so little assembly effort is required onsite.


-Plexiglass and lexan tubes propel light from the module's capital downward onto occupants while sound is reflected from top and mountable canopy membrane.


-Canopy membrane can be rotated to allow for various orientations of the modules and the adjacent canopy frames that they attach to.