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exterior rendering - theatre space
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Youth Initiative High School Design Competition

Viroqua, WI


-Design derived from rose window of St. Joseph's Church - a past YIHS restoration project.


-The 30 degree angle of the rose window translated into a split corridor plan that focuses on a central common space for increased personal interactions.  By-product of "V" form is dedicated outdoor theatre space for events and lectures.


-Main corridors retain same dimensions as existing school condition.


-Abundant natural light along with a wood fired fireplace in the commons, centralized mechanical room warms school with radient slab heating and serves as a reservoir to collect directed rooftop rainwater for usage as grey water in toilet flushing.


-Clerestory windows in classrooms to maximize wall space.


-For durability, longevity, and ease of construction - primarily brick, cmu, glass, and standing-seam aluminium roofing.

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